Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Caboodle? Find out everything you need to know below, or get in touch with us using our online form.

For questions about National Book Tokens, visit the National Book Tokens website.

What is Caboodle?

Caboodle is the rewards programme from National Book Tokens, offering bundles of benefits for booklovers – from exclusive competitions, book recommendations and quizzes, to personally tailored offers from your local bookshop. Plus collect Caboodle Points which unlock further rewards and more tailored emails – and claim a free Penguin book from our super selection when you buy National Book Tokens.

To find out about our latest competitions first, and for exclusive content, special offers and more, make sure you’re signed up for our emails. You can sign up on our website, or if you’re already a member, check that you’ve set your Preferences to receive our emails.

What are Caboodle Points?

Caboodle Points are points which you can collect by using Caboodle. The more Caboodle Points you collect, the more rewards and benefits you'll have access to, and the more offers you'll receive by email.

Caboodle Points can be collected by signing up to Caboodle, creating a full account (with a password), completing your profile and by entering competitions. There will be other opportunities to collect Caboodle Points through special competitions, quizzes, surveys and more – the best way to hear about these will be by signing up to our emails, or if you’re already signed up to Caboodle, ensure that you’ve set your Preferences to receive our emails.

The more Caboodle Points you have, the more rewards will become available to you. See How Caboodle Works for more details.

Caboodle Points are just for fun – they have no monetary value and can’t be exchanged for National Book Tokens or cash. Read our full Caboodle Points terms and conditions.

How do I collect Caboodle Points?

You can find out all the ways you can collect Caboodle Points, plus what those points mean for you, at How Caboodle Works.

What can I do with my Caboodle Points?

Find out what your Caboodle Points balance means at How Caboodle Works.

Caboodle Points are new, and we'll be adding improvements as we go, so please keep checking back for any new features!

Can I exchange Caboodle Points for National Book Tokens?

Caboodle Points are just for fun – they have no monetary value and can’t be exchanged for National Book Tokens or cash. Please see our full terms and conditions for more information.

How can I see how many Caboodle Points I have?

You'll see your Caboodle Points total in the emails we send you. To view this on our site, you'll need to log in to your account and visit 'My Caboodle Points'. If you don't have a password, or have forgotten it, just go to 'Log in' then click on 'Forgotten password' and follow the instructions.

Why do some Caboodle Points expire?

The Caboodle Points you collect when you sign up, create a password, complete your profile or register a gift card on the site are all permanent and will stay on your balance forever. However, some Caboodle Points will expire after a certain amount of time, as these indicate how frequently you’re using Caboodle. You can see your Caboodle Points total, how you collected your points, and any applicable expiry dates, by logging into your account and going to My Caboodle Points.

My Caboodle Points total is incorrect, how can I get this fixed?

If you notice any problems with your Caboodle Points total, please submit a query using the form below. You can check all the ways you’ve collected your Caboodle Points by logging into your account and going to My Caboodle Points. If you don’t remember your password, or don’t yet have one, simply click on ‘Log in’ then follow the ‘Forgotten password’ link.

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Why do I need to create a password to register my National Book Token gift card, register a free book, complete my profile or view my Caboodle Points?

We take your personal data very seriously. All of the above activities require that you give us data which is sensitive to you, so we need to ensure that it’s protected. It’s for this reason that we ask you to create a password.

 You don’t need a password to receive Caboodle emails, enter our competitions or read any of the articles on our site. However, to get the most out of Caboodle by telling us more about yourself, registering a card to collect more Caboodle Points, or to claim a free book, you’ll need to create a full account with a password.

I've signed up for Caboodle but haven't created a full account with a password, how do I create one?

You don't need a password to enter our competitions, browse our site or receive our emails. However, if you'd like to take full advantage of everything Caboodle has to offer, including free books, create a full account by creating a password.

If you don’t remember your password, or don’t yet have one, simply click on ‘Log in’ then follow the ‘Forgotten password’ link.

How can I use Caboodle to find out about events and offers at my local bookshop?

You can use our website to search for events and offers near you, or sign up to receive these straight to your inbox.

An event/offer listed on Caboodle local offer and events map has now expired. Why is it listed?

All details of offers and events on the Local Offers & Events map are correct when added to the website. However, on occasion events and offers can be amended or cancelled without notice. If you have any queries about an offer or event, please contact the bookshop using the telephone number listed on their Caboodle bookshop page.

I’ve bought a National Book Token, how can I claim my free book?

If you buy £75/€90 of National Book Tokens in a two-year period, you'll be able to claim a free Penguin book from our fantastic selection. You can save your gift cards by logging in or creating an account and going to My Cards. Once you've reached the eligible value, you'll be prompted by messages on the screen to claim your free book.

If you are eligible for more than one free book, we'll check this before approving your claim and you'll be emailed and asked to choose additional free book(s).

If you’re having any problems with making a claim, you can submit a query using the form below.

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I want to make a claim, where do I find my National Book Token card number?

The 19-digit card number can be found on the reverse of your National Book Token gift card. You don't need a PIN to save your card.

I bought a National Book Token in a shop but gave it as a gift - how can I claim a free book?

In order to claim a free book, you will need to know the number on the back of your gift card(s). If you gave a card as a present before saving the number, we can retrieve this for you as long as you retained the receipt. If you have a receipt, upload a picture of it using the form below.

We regret that if you don't have a receipt, we won't be able to retrieve the number for you.


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I bought a National Book Token online - how can I claim a free book?

If you bought a National Book Token online, either with us or someone else, there are two options available to you. If you have the physical card, you just need to log in or register then go to My Cards, where you can save the card number. If you don't have the card (e.g. you had it sent directly to the recipient), please send us the details of your online order using the form below and someone will be in touch with you to help you claim.

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Why has my claim for a free book been rejected?

If your claim has been rejected, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the reason why, for example, we've verified your gift card amount and £75/€90 of National Book Tokens has not yet been purchased. If you want to query this, please get in touch using the below form.

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I've claimed a free book but it hasn't turned up yet - how can I get in touch?

Once we've processed your claim, you should allow 21 days for delivery, which will be made directly to you by Penguin Books. 

If 21 days have passed since we processed your claim and you don't yet have your book(s), please get in touch using the form below.

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How will I find out if I’ve won a competition?

If you’re a lucky winner, we’ll email to let you know. Our competition terms usually state that if a winner doesn’t respond within 14 days, we’ll pick a new one – so keep an eye on your inbox!

A list of winners for each competition is available upon request. Please contact us using our online form.

I've had an email to say I've won a competition prize with Caboodle / National Book Tokens. How do I claim it?

If you've received an email from us to say you've won a competition, congratulations! You can either reply directly to that email, or click the button below to complete a form with your details. We'll send your prize out as soon as possible.

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I haven’t heard back about a competition I entered, does this mean I’ve been unsuccessful?

If the competition end date has passed by more than a week and you haven’t received an email from us, you’ve probably not been successful this time. The good news is we have new competitions all the time, so keep an eye out for news of our latest either by email or by checking our site.

I don’t remember signing up to Caboodle – where did you get my details?

You may have entered a competition on the Caboodle or the National Book Tokens site, or with a third party (such as World Book Day or the Irish Book Awards) and opted in to marketing communications from National Book Tokens. Alternatively, you may have purchased a gift card online and opted in at that point.

We take your personal data very seriously, and will never share it with anyone else. For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy. You can also change your communication preferences to hear from us more - or less!

What kinds of emails can I expect to receive from Caboodle, and how frequently?

We send two types of emails:

Competitions, updates and exclusive giveaways – these emails are sent approximately twice a month. Inside, you’ll find news of our latest competitions, news, book lists, quizzes, surveys and more. If you’ve completed your profile to tell us what types of books you enjoy reading, or are collecting Caboodle Points, this will help us know more about what you’d like to receive, so we'll try to send you emails that are as relevant to you as possible.

Local offers from bookshops near you  – these emails send your local bookshop’s offers and events straight to your inbox. Emails are sent as and when a bookshop adds a new event to our website, so their frequency will depend entirely on your location. If you’re in a busy urban location, you may receive up to 2-3 emails per week. The fewer bookshops near you, and the fewer offers and events they add, the fewer emails you’ll receive.

If you decide you’d prefer just to receive one type of email, it’s easy to change your preferences. Just visit or log into your account and go to ‘My Profile’.

Why am I not receiving any emails about local offers and events?

Check that you’re opted in to receive these emails by visiting or log into your account and go to ‘My Profile’. In your profile you can also edit the locations for which you’d like to receive local offers and events – try adding a different location, or setting a wider distance (you can set this to search within 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50 miles).

If you’re opted in but still not receiving any emails, it could be that your local bookshop hasn’t added any. To check, you can do a search on our website.

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

Just visit or log into your account and go to ‘My Profile’. Alternatively, every email has an Unsubscribe link at the bottom which you can click on to instantly unsubscribe.

I don’t want to receive Caboodle emails, but I want to continue to use the Caboodle site to claim free books and collect Caboodle Points. How can I do this?

If you’ve already signed up to Caboodle and are receiving our emails, you can change your communication preferences at or by logging into your account and going to ‘My Profile’.

If you’d like to join Caboodle, you can sign up on our website. Once you’re signed up, you can change your preferences by following the steps above.

How can I send you feedback about Caboodle?

If you’d like to send us your comments and feedback about our site, emails or the Caboodle Rewards scheme in general, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your feedback using the form below.

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My question isn't answered here, how can I contact you?

For any Caboodle queries which aren't answered in our FAQs, please get in touch using the form below.

If your query is about National Book Tokens, please visit the National Book Tokens website where you'll find more information to help you.

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I'm a bookseller with a question about Caboodle. How do I get in touch?

Please submit your question using the form below, and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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